Ten Democrat Senators push Trump Administration for higher refugee numbers in coming year

This is of course no surprise…

But, if these Senators are yours, know this:

They don’t care about you and your community, about your safety and your wallets. To them this is all about playing games on the international stage. It is all about using refugees to wheel and deal with foreign governments!


Dems demand Trump keep door open for refugees as hard-liners push for even fewer

From NBC News:

Senate foreign relations comm.
What is so maddening to me is that none of these Senators will ever have to live next door to any third world refugees! But, you, the deplorables will!

WASHINGTON — Democratic senators are urging President Donald Trump to keep the door open to refugees as his administration, which has already pushed the number admitted to an historic low, weighs imposing unprecedented restrictions on the number of refugees allowed in the U.S.

In a letter obtained by NBC News, the 10 Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about possible damage to America’s diplomatic clout and strategic interests around the world from any further reduction in refugee admissions.

The Trump administration last year set the lowest ceiling ever for refugees allowed to resettle in the U.S., limiting the number to 45,000 — and then admitted even fewer. After decades of bipartisan support for much higher numbers, said the senators, “We are concerned about the foreign policy and national security impact of any further downward retreat on admission numbers.”

By the way, the support has been “bipartisan” because many Republicans want the cheap labor for their friends including the Chamber of Commerce and the Dems want the “New American” voters!

The letter coincides with an internal debate inside the Trump administration about the cap for refugee admissions for the next fiscal year, with civil servants at the State Department and military officers at the Pentagon pitted against political appointees who favor drastically curtailing the number of refugees permitted into the country.

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And, later I want to tell you more about how the Pentagon is pushing for more refugees too so that they can promise Iraqis a ticket to America in exchange for help there.  And, to hell with what those Iraqis could do in your US town!

All of us who want to see the US Refugee Admissions Program reformed are up against a juggernaut! It is important that you contact the White House. Tell the President what you think!


My recommendation for the admissions number for FY19 is ZERO!  If you missed it, go here and see why I say that.  

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