Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Reports to Congress are Running More than Two Years Late

But, Congress has never seemed to care (likely because no one there bothers to read anyway!).

This post is a service for serious students of the US Refugee Admissions Program. 

Go here to read the entire document:

The Annual Report to Congress, in which the Office of Refugee Resettlement analyzes the entire program and the refugee population for a given year, is required by law to be submitted to Congress in January of the following fiscal year.

In other words we should expect the FY19 report to be available in January 2020.  But, much to my shock I just now checked the Annual reports and find that the last one that ORR published is the FY16 report!

By the way, this report should not be confused with a report the President will be sending to Congress along with his Presidential Determination for FY2020 which begins tomorrow!

The reports that are now very late are a treasure-trove of information on the program and serious students should at least see the FY16 report (published in June of 2018) to get an idea of, for instance, the percentage of refugees finding jobs and/or using welfare.

It also includes pages and pages of federal grant money—-millions of dollars—going out to ‘non-profit’ groups for myriad reasons.

Some of you might also like to see how much payola your state is getting from the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

About ten years ago the ORR was equally remiss in getting these reports done in the time frame outlined by the law, then for a few years they got better at it, but I guess they are again dragging their bureaucratic feet!

A list of all Annual Reports is here.


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