Leftists Rejoice as Republican Governors Embrace Refugees, Stick it to Trump

Here we go again!

In order to bludgeon the President, here comes another misinformed diatribe using the Republican governors who consented to receiving more impoverished people for their states’ taxpayers to care for.

The writer (Steven Roberts) is a longtime Democrat who has lived in the Washington, DC/New York City elitist bubble as the husband of journalist Cokie Roberts.  But, because he has lived in his bubble he hasn’t a clue about the refugee admissions program (Washington, DC gets only a handful), how it works, how it impacts communities, how it is paid for, and how it has admitted some evil, yes evil, creatures.

But, that hasn’t stopped him from running his mouth about something he knows so little about!

Esar Met, a Burmese Muslim refugee, raped and murdered a little Burmese Christian girl in Utah in 2008. He was sentenced to life in prison. The medical examiner testified that the child died in excruciating pain. The child’s parents wished they had never been resettled to America. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2014/05/15/utah-burmese-muslim-refugee-sentenced-in-brutal-rapemurder-of-little-girl/

Roberts uses, as the star of his opinion piece, Gary Herbert, the governor of Utah who prattled on about a “beautiful cycle of charity” when he told the State Department to send Utah more refugees.

More like Esar Met?

Did the governor not know about the horrible murder committed by Burmese refugee Esar Met—the trial was front page news in Utah in 2014—when he penned his “beautiful cycle of charity” letter?

Or, is the governor hoping you all have forgotten about it? (If you don’t remember, it didn’t happen, right!)

I suppose we should forgive Roberts because the national media NEVER reported the story and frankly this is the primary reason I continue to report about the other side of the “beautiful cycle of charity.”

My mission is to balance the news! (and to remember!).

Here is a bit of Roberts’ syndicated column which LOL! brings in my old pals at Church World Service (so get ready for another trip to USA Spending)!

Steven V. Roberts: These Republican governors welcome refugees

Donald Trump didn’t reckon with Gary Herbert.

Since the day the president took office, he has conducted a morally abhorrent and economically absurd campaign against refugees, slashing the annual quota admitted to America from 110,00 during Barack Obama’s last year in office to 18,000 currently.  [Like so many lazy lefties, he fails to mention that Obama never had numbers close to 110,000 in his previous 7 years in office.—ed]

Last fall, Trump doubled down on his appeal to the country’s worst nativist instincts, issuing an executive order that allows individual states and localities to bar all new refugees from resettling within their borders. Clearly, he thought most Republicans would join his cynical crusade.

Utah Governor Herbert, one of many Republican governors to turn on Trump!

Enter Herbert, the governor of Utah since 2009. Not only did he reject Trump’s offer, he wrote a letter to the president welcoming refugees to Utah and asking the administration to send more of them, not fewer.

“Those refugees who resettle in Utah become integrated and accepted into our communities,” wrote the governor. “They become productive employees and responsible citizens. They become contributors to our schools, churches and other civic institutions, even helping serve more recent refugees and thus generating a beautiful cycle of charity. This marvelous compassion is simply embedded into our state’s culture.”

It turns out that “marvelous compassion” is still embedded in our national culture, not just Utah’s, despite the president’s efforts to deny and destroy our heritage. Political leaders across the country, including many Republicans, have soundly rebuked the president because they know Herbert is right: Refugees are an enormous benefit to any community.

Church World Service’s CEO the Reverend McCullough is far left. That is Nihad Awad, CAIR’s head honcho in the middle. They were arrested on the steps of the Capitol this fall protesting the President. McCullough pulls down a handsome salary and benefits package for doing “moral” ‘religious charity’ work.


Some of the revulsion to Trump’s anti-refugee rampage is simply moral. The Rev. John L. McCullough, president of the Church World Service, an agency that helps resettle refugees, told the New York Times, “With one final blow, the Trump administration has snuffed out Lady Liberty’s torch and ended our nation’s legacy of compassion and welcome.”


The whole country will suffer from Trump’s poisonous policies. Gary Herbert’s “beautiful cycle of charity” is also a beautiful cycle of growth and prosperity.

You can read it all here . Roberts throws in a bit about how businesses need the cheap labor refugees provide in the “beautiful cycle of charity.”


Roberts fails to mention that for its “moral” charitable work Church World Service is paid millions annually by US taxpayers (62.3 % of CWS’s income is from federal grants according to a recent report at Charity Navigator).

Therefore it has a financial interest in opposing the President and lobbying for ever greater numbers of impoverished Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners to be dropped off in your towns and cities (but not in Washington, DC!) for local and state taxpayers to support.

One of CWS’s “moral” agitators!

This is now my third visit to USA Spending in the last week.

See how much boodle the Bishops get, and yesterday I reported on how Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is doing well even under the Trump Administration.

Church World Service is actually doing better under Trump than it did for most of Obama’s years! 


What is up with this? See that they are getting more of your money now than they did for most of Obama’s years!!!


“Marvelous compassion” pays well!

Here is the page from CWS most recent IRS Form 990.  The good reverend is doing well by doing good—sure must beat leading a flock!


Doesn’t that work out to about $130 an hour, not including that extra related income?


Is your church a member of Church World Service?

What can you do?

Roberts’ column is syndicated so if you see it show up in your city, write a letter to the editor, use his column to get the paper to publish your views on the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

Three down and six more visits ahead at USASpending.gov!