Somali National Stabs to Death 7-year-old in UK Park; Katie Hopkins’ Letter is a Must Read

“I watch people wiping, disinfecting, masking, flinching, distancing themselves from nice looking couples with dogs. No amount of hand-sanitiser will save them from the state of this country and the people we have let in.”

(Katie Hopkins)


It happened in March, but made little news mostly we can only assume, and others have speculated, that it is because the violent act was perpetrated by a Somali woman against a beautiful innocent white child unknown to the attacker.

Emily Jones, Age seven


Early reports of the killing never mention a word about the identity of the attacker as a migrant from Africa.

I think that in addition to the political correctness of the media, much of the silence surrounding the horror is, yes, it was so horrible that people hide from the truth of it to protect their own hearts and to not have to face the blunt truth British writer Katie Hopkins says of it.

Facing it means that one should do something about it and that is too fear-provoking for most who cower at the prospect of being labelled a racist!


From Frontpage Magazine (read the whole thing!):

A Letter to Emily’s parents…

Dedicated to Emily Jones, Age 7

Dear Mrs. Jones,

Most people will avoid talking to you about Emily’s death because it is too terrible. The things we know are too shocking to mention in front of a grieving mum.

That your child was a happy little thing playing on her scooter in the park with her family on Mothering Sunday when she was stabbed to death, her life ended in one blow by a Somali woman, a stranger to you and to this land.

If these words are too brutal for the grieving, how is it possible these things can happen to the living, on an otherwise normal day?

Instead we tiptoe around the truth, soften our language. We do not talk of murder or of killing. We softly whisper that Emily was ‘taken from you’, like a reclaimed gift or prize, regretfully removed from your arms by gentle hands.

We are not supposed to talk, either, about the Somali killer who hides behind her color and her mental health.

That is only a bit of it.

Please read it all, and if you do nothing else today send this powerful letter to everyone you know!

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10 thoughts on “Somali National Stabs to Death 7-year-old in UK Park; Katie Hopkins’ Letter is a Must Read

  1. When evil is tolerated … even encouraged … it becomes easy to gloss over it. Massive government and the elites that corrupt it so deeply, are a race apart from the citizens that it oversees with such contempt. There shall be a reckoning.

  2. Please stop the influx of Somali people under the guise of a refuge asap. One after another attack on American or British people by refugees have been Somalis. They are NOT assimilating. They are violent and attack people with no provocation.

  3. What is wrong with a nation that takes the side of evil for the sake of political power? Our nation will die with blood on our hands.

  4. These animal hate us because we are white,I hate them because they are animals that need to stay in Africa where they can murder and rape each other ,the world deserves better ,some are just too stupid to realize this .

  5. Why are we all forced to witness these repeated atrocities all over the world – CONSTANTLY – and then being gas-lighted CONSTANTLY for the crime of noticing?

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