After Two Months of Dire Warnings, a Couple of COVID Cases Appear in Refugee Camps

I’m posting this news because I have been following (for weeks!) the media’s hyper focus on the Chinese Virus and its potential threat to large refugee camps worldwide.  Now it appears the first cases have arrived.

The value of social distancing (or lack of it) is about to be tested.

Over two weeks ago I told you that the carnage watch was on, see here.

In case you don’t think the Rohingya have anything to do with you, think again.

You need to know that Rohingya Muslims (there is no Muslim ban!) are being resettled in the US in large numbers (prior to the COVID shutdown) during the Trump Administration.

Here is one story about Rohingya refugees staging a political protest in Arizona a couple of years ago with a little information for you on the Rohingya back story.

See over 200 additional posts on Rohingya in my Rohingya Reports category.

Their situation is much more complicated than the superficial media-created meme that depicts them as pure as the driven snow while Burmese Buddhists are their persecutors.

From the BBC:

Coronavirus: Two Rohingya test positive in refugee camp

Rohingya camp at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


Two Rohingya refugees have tested positive for coronavirus in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, officials say.

These are the first confirmed cases among refugees in Cox’s Bazar, where around one million Rohingya are encamped, a government doctor said.

Officials told the BBC that those infected were now being treated in isolation.

About 1,900 other refugees are now being isolated for tests.

The Rohingya in the crowded camps of Cox’s Bazar have been living under lockdown since 14 March.

In Greece, which is also home to large numbers of refugees, officials are hoping to relocate around 1,600 vulnerable persons from its camps to other countries as the pandemic eases.

Two migrants who reached Greece’s Lesbos island this week tested positive for Covid-19 and were isolated with no contact with refugee camps on the island.

More here.

Go here to read about the big Greek camps.  A couple of newly arrived African migrants have tested positive for the Chinese virus, but notice that the big island camps are still largely not impacted.

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