News round-up for Monday, October 31, 2016

Because there is way too much happening, here is another News Round-up of stories that interested me, but for which I have no time to post! (Don’t confuse this round-up with my usual ‘Top posts of the week’ which I skipped this past week. Will do an October round-up tomorrow for hot news at RRW […]

Coming by 2019! Sweden will sink under this load as family reunification ramps up

Invasion of Europe news…. Sweden is my guess for the first European country to completely implode with the burden of needy Middle Eastern and African refugees (it has been my choice for years).  Although, I admit, Germany (larger and wealthier) is working hard to catch up with Sweden. Pay attention to this ‘family reunification’ issue […]

Angry, unhappy, disillusioned Syrians want to go home (from all over the world!)

I want you to see three stories this morning! Everyone take note (especially paternalistic do-gooders)! I predict there will be more news like this as massive numbers of Syrians are moving around the world and many are finding that home is better than St. Louis, Missouri, the United Kingdom or Greece. United States From St. […]

From Michigan: An open letter to Donald Trump

This  is a letter penned today by one of our faithful readers on the eve of a scheduled visit tomorrow by Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Please, Donald Trump, help Michigan!       Dear Mr. Trump: I am so happy to hear you will be coming to Michigan at least one more time before the […]

Comment worth noting: Reader likes my idea of an awards dinner for assorted haters (like me)

In response to my announcement that I had made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s top 15 list of “anti-Muslim extremists,” reader 7Delta likes my idea of an annual awards dinner for Islamophobes and assorted other bigots and haters.  (Although I maintain that the SPLC is hypocritical because they truly hate ordinary Americans — “deplorables” and […]

Whoa! Big news! Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to bring 50 Muslim Syrian families to Delaware

So, why is that a big deal?  HIAS resettles Muslims all the time.  That is not the big news! Delaware has hardly taken any refugees in 36 years despite the fact that then Senator Joe Biden was one of the original architects of the Refugee Act of 1980 and observers have always suspected that Delaware […]

"Advocacy" is code for Lobbying as Lutheran federal refugee contractor advertises for DC office

We have told you about this on previous occasions over the years, but it bears repeating! The nine major federal resettlement contracting agencies, that like to call themselves VOLAGs (Voluntary agencies! Ha! Ha!), have lobbyists in Washington to not only protect their flow of federal dollars, but to promote their Open Borders agenda. And, that […]

Heads up Poughkeepsie, New York: 'Christian' charity to bring you Syrian Muslims likely before January 2017

Update November 12th: Church World Service counts on fact that local communities don’t know much about refugee program/history of terrorism, here. Update November 8th: Information meeting (Nov. 10th) moved to larger venue as criticism mounts. Federal contractor admits little information given to local elected body, here. Update November 5th: Sitting Democrat Congressman should have known […]

Syrian refugee numbers to soar in Nevada in FY2017; cheap labor needed!

We learned about the Syrian numbers soaring yesterday from Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart. His story is here. If you live in Nevada you need to read this! We’ve told you about the new resettlement office in Reno on several occasions. We were fortunate to have an advance copy of the R & P Abstract […]

Does your Imam have a bushy beard? German story informative

Invasion of Europe news…. Occasionally Reuters does us a good service, and they have with this story from Germany.  It is about how many Syrian refugees are not devout Muslims (Reuters uses the word conservative) but are being lured into extremist—Salafist or Wahhabi—mosques that make them uncomfortable. From The Independent: Hani Salam escaped civil war […]