Angry, unhappy, disillusioned Syrians want to go home (from all over the world!)

I want you to see three stories this morning!
Everyone take note (especially paternalistic do-gooders)!
I predict there will be more news like this as massive numbers of Syrians are moving around the world and many are finding that home is better than St. Louis, Missouri, the United Kingdom or Greece.

United States

From St. Louis via KMOX (hat tip: Joanne):

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – After escaping war in their homeland, some Syrian refugees are afraid of getting shot in their new home – in north St. Louis.

Oh the irony, Syrians in St. Louis want more police protection (in the land of Black Lives Matter)!

Syrians living at an apartment complex near Page and Hodiamont met with their neighborhood Alderman, and with a representative of the agency that placed them here, the International Institute.***

The hour-long meeting dealt with complaints of gunfire in the night, roaches, mice, and rats.

One Syrian woman, speaking through a translator, says it’s so bad she phoned friends at a refugee camp in Jordan to warn them not to come to St. Louis.

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This is not an unusual story, we have heard it very often over the years. Refugee contractors place refugees in dreadful neighborhoods—ha! diversity does not bring strength!

United Kingdom

Then how about this story from the UK: Do not come to the UK says Syrian ‘refugee.’

A 28-year-old Syrian migrant who has been in Britain just 11 days says he is “miserable” and wants to go back to his life in his war-torn country saying it “is better than it is here.”

Abdul Kader al-Zuebi, who was once a military doctor in the Syrian army, says he fled the war in his homeland because he did not want to have to kill.

He now says he has grown frustrated with being unable to rent a home or seek work as a doctor in the UK, complaining that officials do not know where his passport is and are refusing to let him leave.

Kader al-Zuebi has a British fiancee and three relatives living in the UK.

The authorities have been putting him up in hostels in Dulwich and Cardiff, which he describes as “miserable.”


He added: “It is a big lie to be in the UK, we think the UK is something from the heavens.”


“I would rather be in Aleppo than stay here. I want to deport myself,” he said, adding “I would tell those arriving from Calais to go back. It is better than it is here,” according to the Express.


And then this is from Greece. Syrians have started the long trip home!

Didymoteicho (Greece) (AFP) – “I want to go back to Syria. There is war in my country, but we’ve been living for seven months in Greece like prisoners.”

Adan, from Aleppo, has abandoned his dream of building a new life in Europe, like thousands of other Syrians trapped in Greece.

He’s just arrived at the station in Didymoteicho, a village near the Greece-Turkey border, with his wife, three children and five other relatives, and is preparing to go through a police checkpoint before trying to get into Turkey, the start of a long journey home.

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There should be an ad campaign highlighting these stories and broadcast around the world!

***The International Institute of St. Louis responsible for placing the Syrians in a bad neighborhood is a subcontractor of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) (97% funded by you, the taxpayer.)
USCRI is the federal contractor responsible for Twin Falls, Idaho, Reno, Nevada and Rutland, VT to name a few and its CEO is Lavinia Limon, pals with Angelina Jolie.
The Dept. of State has previously shuttered subcontractors of USCRI for problems such as the one described here. The most memorable case was in Waterbury, CT back in May 2008.  Maybe Angelina needs to have a word with Ms. Limon.

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