Let employers pay for ESL instruction

     Your tax dollars:

     Since we want reform of US immigration policy (and Refugee Resettlement), this is an afterthought to yesterday’s post about the cost to the taxpayer for English instruction  for adult immigrants.  Let the employers pay!

     Why not?   I think its a brilliant idea.   All these factories and meat processing plants etc. could just hire an ESL teacher.   Afterall, they are the ones to benefit from the cheap labor.  Many companies are sending human resources people and NGO types to refugee camps scouting for potential employees and that must cost some serious money.

     In the workday there would  be a time set aside in each shift for an hour of English instruction.   And, then one would not even have the problem we see in Washington County of transporting the refugees to English classes.   Fuel would be conserved and the environment protected.   Presumably the business would have an incentive to assure that English was being learned because they would be paying for it.    ESL teachers would get jobs too.  Its a win-win situation all around!

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