Another Muslim Food Stamp Scam busted

As always I’ll preface this with a disclaimer that this has nothing to do with refugees.  I’m interested in the topic because it’s allegedly happening right here in our western Maryland county too—food stamp fraud perpetrated by immigrants of a particular variety. 

Doing my nightly rounds of blogs I stopped at one of my favorites, Debbie Schlussel, and was surprised to find yet another food stamp bust–a big one this time.

As soon as I learned that 27 people from eight Detroit-area stores were arrested and facing charges for illegal trafficking in food stamps, I just knew they were from the “Religion of Peace.” This crime satisfies way too many of the precepts of that moon-god cult to be anything other than perpetrated by one of its members: cash easily transferred to terrorists, ripping off Infidel American taxpayers, laughing at the great American satan at the ease with which they can pull off this sham.

I just love Debbie’s colorful way of telling the story, don’t you. 

See our last Food Stamp scam story here.   I spoke with the US Attorney’s office in that Minnesota case and asked the spokesman if there was a national trend developing and he said he didn’t know about that and maybe someone in Washington would be tracking it if there was—I think I spot a trend!

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