Kansas Somali refugee arrested in rape of students

Thanks to a tip from Us or Them, here is a story that our friends in Kansas will be surprised to hear (or maybe not).   A Somali refugee has been charged with intoxicating and raping two boys from a Catholic High School. I am not making that up!

 A Leavenworth substitute teacher accused of unlawful sexual relationships with high school students is a Somalian refugee in the United States under political asylum, officials said Thursday.


Mohamed A. Dirshe, 26, has been charged in Leavenworth County District Court with three counts of unlawful sexual relations and three counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor for illicit purposes, which are all felonies.

The article goes on to tell us what a terrible story Mr. Dirshe has, as if somehow that might excuse the behavior.  I’m going to suggest that some of these tales of terror are fabricated to open the doors to the good life (complete with a college scholarship) in America.

At the age of 9, he witnessed the murder of his father, uncle and older brother outside his home in Somalia by militia men from a rival clan, according to an article in the winter 2005 edition of Aspire, the university’s alumni magazine.

Lest I am accused of shadenfreude, the situation is horrible.  However, the irony of this happening at a Catholic School, since it is Catholic Charities that is being paid to resettle refugees in Kansas will not be lost on folks in say Emporia, KS where the Somali refugee issue dominated the news for months.   Mums the word from Catholic officials.

Officials with the Leavenworth Regional Catholic Schools could not be reached for comment Thursday.


Police are investigating whether there were more victims.

Mohammed is a very lucky fellow in one way.  If he were subject to Sharia law, it wouldn’t be long before he would be hoisted by one of those cranes with a noose around his neck as we saw in “Fitna.”

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