Reporter raped in makeshift refugee camp in France

This story was first brought to my attention by Blulitespecial and then another reader sent me a more detailed report from The Mail of London.   A lone female reporter trying to get a story about illegal immigration went to the camp in Calais—The Camp of Saints?  French author Raspail must be feeling stunned these days to see his 1973 novel coming true (or maybe he isn’t surprised).

Up to 500 migrants – mostly claiming to be from war-torn areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq – live in the damp wood, in a disused part of The Dunes industrial zone.

She was tricked to enter a hut where she was raped:

As she took photographs of a group of Afghan refugees, she was lured into a makeshift hut in the notorious unofficial camp called The Jungle by the gang leader, who told her he wanted to show her something inside.

There he held her down, repeatedly hit her around the face and body, and subjected her to a half-hour rape, police said. Although she screamed for help, no one came to her aid.

She had been warned: 

The petite brunette had been warned by local police not to go to the camp as it was a dangerous place for lone females.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the rape victim asked for it (or maybe I am).  I blame this foolish decision on her part on this politically correct notion promoted by the Left in Europe (and here in the US) that all these impoverished refugees from war-torn countries need is a home and some love and understanding.

Many of those trying to break into Europe are ruthless criminals and shame on the French authorities for not rounding them up and deporting them to wherever they came from.   Drop them into the mountains with Bin Laden if necessary, they are more dangerous to the West in a Camp in Calais.

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