Where’s the Iraqi government?

A remarkably uninformative article in Army Times tells us that the U.S. military is working with the UN to “address the issue of thousands of displaced people who are returning to their homes in Baghdad. ”

Called “internally displaced persons,” or IDPs, the people fled their homes mainly during the worst of the sectarian bloodletting in the capital. As security has improved, many are finding their way back to their old neighborhoods.

Military and U.N. teams are working together to assess and help the people moving back.

What happened to the Iraqi government? We’ve written a number of posts about the government trying to get its people back, trying to deal with the problems of internal and external refugees. How can a reporter write an article about the¬†internally displaced persons¬†without mentioning what the government of Iraq is doing? I guess it’s just a reprint of a press release written by someone who doesn’t know anything. I thought I’d share it anyway.

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