Making Keith angry in South Africa

A blogger in South Africa, obviously doesn’t like what I say here at RRW about the Rainbow Nation. 

Keith said:

I was directed by an acquaintance to a blog titled, “Refugee Resettlement Watch”.
(Click on the Blog Title above to go there)

This lady, presumably American, has a lot to say about the open border policies of South Africa, racial conflict and the spate of Xenophopic violence we saw here recently. Much of this is controversial and would likely lead to heated debate among any group of south Africans… so don’t follow the link if you do not wish to loose your cool today!

Keith, I invite you to tell me how I have it wrong.   I do believe what is happening in South Africa with open borders, too many people, too few resources (jobs etc.) is not about xenophobia, but the reality of too many people, too few resources, agressive immigrant cultures and your indigenous poor fighting for their bit of a better life.     I think South Africa is a lesson for America.

I just went back and looked at recent posts on South Africa’s “xenophobic” problems, ones you linked to, to see what you are so angry with, and for the life of me I don’t know.  So tell me!

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