West Texans worried about health issues involving refugees

Folks in Midland, TX, must be expressing concern about refugees arriving with health problems or this pow-wow wouldn’t have happened.  From a publication called, West Texas Missioner:

First Presbyterian Church played host to a large and distinguished gathering for a wide-ranging discussion of international refugees and public health. Both government and non-government agencies at the local, regional and state levels were well-represented at the meeting, which provided an opportunity to address health concerns raised by Midland’s small-but-growing international refugee community.

Those in attendance learned about the stringent guidelines (overseen by the World Health Organization) for those who wish to apply for residence in the United States as refugees…..


This is what they tell concerned citizens, but it’s not the truth.  Refugees enter the US with HIV/AIDs and with TB.   Just ask the swamped health department in Allen County, IN (Fort Wayne).    Often because health departments are swamped, or a volag is not doing its job, refugee children and adults go unscreened and unvaccinated for many many months.  

See our health issues category for more information.

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