Who among your friends and neighbors is funding Obama?

This is completely off topic, completely!  However, it is fun so I’m sending it to you.    

Did you know you can see which of your friends and neighbors are sending money to the Presidential campaigns and how much they are sending?    Go here to the Federal Election Commission and follow instructions. (Be patient though it takes awhile to open sometimes!)   It is pretty simple, you find your zip code (or at least the first 3 numbers of it) and you will see who likes, in this case, Obama.

I found this mentioned at Atlas Shrugs last night, but now can’t find the link there.   As you look at the lists it is fairly instructive.   One thing I noticed is that sometimes students give over and over again and it makes you wonder where they are getting that much money.   Also, I was always under the impression that the Hatch Act hinders Federal employees from getting into campaigns, but apparently they can donate because there are loads of contributions from people working for the federal government.

Atlas had asked that you look for your own name, in case someone is using it to donate money to candidates you don’t support.   But, it might also be fun to see if there are people listed in your neighborhood that you know don’t exist.    Enjoy!

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