Stalemate in South African refugee camp

If you have been reading RRW for some time, you know we have been following the implosion in South Africa where native South Africans (mostly blacks) rampaged last spring and attacked fellow Africans (blacks) who have illegally made themselves at home in South Africa.

Some of those aliens are still living in makeshift refugee camps and are refusing the government’s demand for reintegration and instead are pressing for third country resettlement.  Apparently the UN and the South African government are standing firm—no third country resettlement.

The refugees claim the following:

The group believe their situation is being used as a political pawn and they are being denied access to a third country, because of the damage it would do to South Africa’s image ahead of 2010.

South Africa, following the end of Apartheid has been called the “Rainbow Nation” for its professed openness to all races and its embrace of multiculturalism.  The riots last spring where foreigners were slaughtered by native South Africans kind of put a lie to that notion.   Now, the reference to 2010 must be because the World Cup (soccer) is schedued for South Africa that year.   So, I guess it wouldn’t look so hot for thousands of African refugees to be airlifted out of there.

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