Iraqi Palestinians suffer on border, but no Arab country wants them

Here is yet another story about the Iraqi Palestinians living in camps along the border of Iraq and Syria.  And, again it’s a plea from these ‘friends of Saddam’ for resettlement to a third country.  I will bet you if you examined the United Nations site where this article is located you will not find any similar desparate plea from the UN to resettle the Iraqi Christians whose plight is much worse than these Palestinians.

AL TANF, Iraq-Syria Border, October 30 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has rushed assistance to hundreds of Palestinian refugees stuck in camps on the Iraq-Syria border after heavy rain and flooding caused chaos and misery.

Also, again the article is deceptive because it doesn’t tell you the reason these people are refugees.  They were favored by Saddam Hussein and those Muslims now in power don’t take too kindly to them. 

The flooding is just one more chapter in the ordeal suffered by the Palestinians in Al Tanf and Al Waleed since fleeing their homes in Baghdad to escape threats, kidnapping and violence. They have endured sandstorms, snow in the winter and soaring temperatures in the summer. In Al Tanf, two children have been killed by passing trucks and there have been a couple of major fires.

Some of the refugees have lived at Al Tanf for three years, barred from entering any of the countries neighbouring Iraq. “We cannot go forwards, nor back. We have a road on one side that threatens our children’s lives daily, a high wall on the other; in front and behind we have two impenetrable borders,” explained Abu Ziyad, a member of the Al Tanf refugee committee.

“Our only hope is resettlement. For the sake of our children, our wives, our elderly, we beg you, please get us out of here,” he pleaded.

UNHCR on Thursday reiterated its appeal to the international community to provide resettlement places for Palestinians from Iraq, with no other option currently available for the refugees. “We urge more countries to open their doors to resettle the Palestinian refugees and bring their precarious situation to an end,” said Daniel Endres, UNHCR’s representative in Iraq.

Where is the famous Muslim charity?   These people are Arabs.  Why isn’t the UN begging countries such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia to take them?    Hey, here is a thought, maybe if Obama becomes President, he and buddy PLO Khalidi could be sure they get resettled among their own folks in the Middle East.   But, don’t count on it, if Obama becomes President he will be welcoming them to a town where you live.

And, besides putting a guilt-trip on the world over Palestinians keeps the Israeli hate strategy going.   See my last ‘UN guilt-trips the world’ post here.  Search our site for “Iraqi Palestinians” for more information.

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