Khat shipment intercepted outside of Nashville, TN

Update:    Listen to Omar Jamal defend Khat to NPR—creating a feeling of Little Somalia in MN!

Yesterday local, state and federal law enforcement intercepted a shipment of Khat in the town of LaVergne, less than 20 miles outside of Nashville and only about 40 miles from Shelbyville.    A favorite drug of Somali (and a few other) immigrant groups, khat is illegal in the US.  From News 5 in Tennessee:

A massive and mysterious wooden crate delivered to Middle Tennessee Tuesday night contained something that could generate money for terrorism.

Someone sent 300 pounds of khat, a little-known drug. It’s estimated worth is $250,000.

Law enforcement set up a sting, but no one was home.  Bummer.

La Vergne police knew busting the buyer behind the delivery required careful planning.

Police DEA agents and SWAT team members mapped out a worst-case scenario, but hoped for the best outcome.

The delivery driver and undercover sergeant found no answer at the address provided.

Just another one of those wonders of diversity brought to the US compliments of the do-gooders in the State Department and the volags.

Police said money used from khat sales often goes to pay for vehicles used in car bombs and other forms of terrorist attacks.

Dear law enforcement, there is a problem in the Nashville Somali community.   I suggest checking first if there are any missing Somali young men.

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