Asylum seekers helped fuel Greek riots this week

Still another update Dec. 13th:   Gates of Vienna posts further analysis of the riots here today.

Update Dec. 13th:  Here is a response to yesterday’s update article—largely in agreement and very intersting.

Update Dec. 12th:   Thanks to an analysis written by a Greek, I am now returning to my earlier hypothesis.  It is not simply the s0-called anarchist students, but involves Muslim immigrants.  I have been thinking about this alliance ever since I saw the anarchists (Marxists) marching in DC alongside the Muslim American Society.  From the postcript to this article.   Thanks to Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna for this additional information

Quite a few Greek “radical groups” have adopted Arabic “Noms de Guerre”, promote illegal immigration of Muslims into Europe and call in for the destruction of Western civilazation. They are part of an almost global network that acts as a “Soft power” element of the hard one as envisaged by Al Qaeda. Once more, it has to be stressed that rogue elements of Western security forces protect them and they have to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Update later:  My apologies for a misleading orginal title to this post.  I said the riots were started by asylum seekers when in fact asylum seekers didn’t join the riots until a few day later here.

Update minutes later:   Riots spreading in Europe, see Gates of Vienna here.

You could hardly miss the news this week that Athens was experiencing horrific rioting, the mainstream media told us it was started by anarchists (you know sort of like our leftwing radicals), and now more information is coming out.

According to the BBC, riots by anarchists were fueled by further rioting of political refugees being refused applications for asylum.   The film linked here is a must see.

Greek police have clashed with hundreds of migrants waiting to submit asylum applications in Athens.

It is the latest example of tensions in the Greek capital – which community leaders say is at risk of becoming a racial battleground.

This year, Greece has attracted a record 80,000 illegal immigrants, but has been criticised by Europe for failing to help asylum seekers.

Thanks to Patrick Cleburne at VDARE for reporting this story here.

You can find our earlier report on the Athens street slaughter (mentioned in the BBC clip) here.

Camp of Saints anyone?

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