Iraq proposing to give 3 percent of oil revenues to refugees

MENAFN (Middle East North Africa Financial Network) reports:

Iraq’s foreign minister announced that the ministry is planning proposals to assign a portion of the country’s oil profit for Iraqi refugees in bordering countries, Iraq Directory reported.

He went on to say that millions of Iraqi citizens have left to neighboring countries, mainly to Syria and Jordan and are living in poor environments and that is the main reason for the current measures.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi parliament will vote on a proposal in which three percent of Iraqi oil profits will go to neighboring countries, particularly Syria and Jordan.

That’s the piece in its entirety. Someone should send the staff of this web site to journalism school. The headline reads: “Iraq to allocate 3% of oil profitsĀ for refugees.” The article says first that the ministry is planning proposals. Then it says the Iraqi parliament will vote on a proposal. Nothing has been decided. I can’t decide either: I can’t decide whether the writer is unfamiliar with how a democracy works, or just dumb.

Either way, it’s good news the Iraqi government is thinking about, proposing, or about to give some money to help their refugees.

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