President Trump Signs New Travel Ban—Six More Countries, Refugees Exempt

The President is busy!

Not letting the impeachment show slow him down, yesterday, the President, in an abundance of caution, added more countries to the so-called travel ban bringing the total to 13 countries to see travel curtailed to the US.

However, as in the case of the first ban, refugees are exempt.

And, let me say here, if any of the nine federal refugee contractors (whose salaries we, taxpayers, pay) run out and hire lawyers or even open their mouths in opposition to protecting our safety when refugees are not banned, then they show themselves as nothing more than partisan anti-Trump agitators advancing an open borders agenda while hiding under their white hats of phony humanitarianism.

Here is my post from last month about the proposed ban.

Last month I also mentioned the upcoming travel restrictions at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ because over at that blog I have an extensive archive on Nigerian crooks and killers and Nigeria is included in the new Presidential order.

Here is a small portion of a detailed account from the Washington Post:

Trump expands long-standing immigration ban to include six more countries, most in Africa

President Trump added six countries to his administration’s travel ban Friday — including ­Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country — in a widely anticipated expansion that Democrats blasted as “clearly discriminatory” against people from predominantly black and Muslim nations.

Nancy Pelosi has announced that the House will vote to stop the ban. Earlier this week MN Rep. Ilhan Omar led a rally against the President.


Citing national security concerns, officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department said Trump’s proclamation would bar most citizens of Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan from coming to work and live in the United States. Two nations, Tanzania and Sudan, would be banned from applying for the visa lottery, which issues up to 50,000 visas a year worldwide to countries with historically low migration to the United States. [Maybe in Trump’s next turn we can get this insane visa lottery killed.—ed]

The new ban takes effect Feb. 22….


The policy will now limit immigration from 13 countries.


Added to robust measures at the U.S. southern border that have curbed Central American migration in recent months, the targeting of immigrant visas also allows the president to advance his goal of reducing family-based migration. [Also known as chain migration—ed]

Trump, in a proclamation issued Friday, said the countries were chosen after an extensive evaluation that examined travel security and measures, and national security threats in dozens of countries; those that made the list were chosen from a recommendation that U.S. officials made in January.

“The six additional countries recommended for restrictions in the January 2020 proposal are among the worst performing in the world,”Trump said in the proclamation, but he said he was encouraged by their “willingness to work with the United States” to correct the deficiencies.


Refugees from the six countries are exempt from the ban.


The current ban prohibits immigrant and most temporary forms of travel to the United States for citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea, as well as certain visits for some Venezuelan government officials. All but two, Venezuela and North Korea, are majority Muslim. Trump in 2018 complained about accepting too many immigrants from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador, which he labeled “shithole countries.”

Much more here.

Take time to thank the President!

And, then get to work for his re-election because you will never see anything like this if the Dems take the White House in November.

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7 thoughts on “President Trump Signs New Travel Ban—Six More Countries, Refugees Exempt

  1. Ann, Please don’t use the left’s talking points (‘travel ban’) when describing the President’s policy about security of our country and his proclamations. It is more of a entry restriction.
    This was talked about in Frontpage or Breitbart.

      1. We all need to use our own marketing talking points. The left has controlled the narrative and the language for propaganda reasons. Thanks

    1. I don’t doubt Binder’s numbers at all. First, because he includes 2016 and 2017. Trump had no control over those numbers and in 2016 Obama was admitting huge numbers esp. of refugees. And, most people don’t realize that refugees are only a very small portion of the number of immigrants we admit. I wish people would start focusing on the other programs especially the insane diversity visa lottery.

  2. I am in shock right now because I always thought the original restricted entry policy of Potus included Refugees. So who does it apply to? Visa holders and students? Our community requested that refugees from terrorist controlled countries be stopped from coming to our county. And so far they have complied even though they didn’t have to. So we are actually doing one better than the President regarding safety. We have many military bases nearby and that was one concern with bringing refugees here from places like Somalia etc. Where was my head? Our commissioners voted 5 to 1 against having those terrorist controlled countries send refugees here.

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