Somali man thought to be involved with inauguration threat arrested

The plot thickens!    Remember we told you about the fear Homeland Security had that the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab (sometimes Shabaab) was planning to disrupt The One’s inauguration.   And remember we told you that missing Somali ‘youths’  (former refugees!) are thought to have left the US to attend terrorist training camps in the Horn of Africa.   This morning comes news that a Minneapolis Somali was arrested trying to leave the US for Canada and may be linked to both stories.   Hat tip:  a Tennessee friend.

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – With the inauguration of President Barack Obama in the past, U.S. officials are reporting information about possible threats on the day of the ceremony by a Minnesota Somali man.


: Inauguration Threat

U.S. intelligence was reportedly investigating a potential inauguration threat involving a Somali insurgent group. They believed one man to be connected with the missing Somali men from Minnesota.

48 hours before the inauguration, U.S. customs agents arrested the 32-year-old Bile Abdullahi, a resident alien from Minnesota, at the Canadian border near Detroit.

According to federal charges, Abdullahi was trying to sneak into Canada using his brother’s U.S. passport. Both Bile Abdullahi and his brother are from Minneapolis, and until recently lived in the Cedar Riverside apartment complex.

Abdullahi told officials he was going to Canada for a vacation, but intelligence officials fear it could’ve been some kind of dress rehearsal for leaving the country in a hurry.

It is not clear from this report whether it was Abdullahi who tipped officials off to a possible plot against the President or the American people—-a very implausible notion (the plot that is) since we know that Obama’s election has signaled to the Muslim world that we are a nice country now that we got rid of that meany George Bush.

This last line from the Fox News 9 report was interesting:

U.S. intelligence officials are investigating whether financial support for Al Shabab is coming from Minnesota and other cities with a large Somali population.

I just saw an article the other day (and paid it no attention) about how much money Somalis are still sending “home” to Somalia.  Guess I will have to pay more attention to those reports in the future.


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