Reuters: al Shabaab suffers a setback

It’s probably only a small one, but Reuters is reporting the Islamic extremist group allegedly comprised now of some home boys (you know the Somali former refugees disappearing from American cities) has been routed in one town in Somalia.

I’ve said before we are not going to get deeply enmeshed in the never-ending slaughter in Somalia except occasionally when al Shabaab (throw the west into hell) is mentioned since its forces now include American Somalis.

A moderate Sunni group captured a central trading town on Thursday from the hardline al Shabaab group that seized the seat of parliament in Baidoa this week and has vowed to impose its strict version of Islamic law throughout Somalia.

Fighters from government-allied Ahla Sunna Waljamaca attacked Dusamareb in the morning, ousting their rivals after several hours of gunfire and mortar exchanges, witnesses said.

“Dusamareb is now in our hands and we are still chasing al Shabaab in the outskirts of town,” Ahla Sunna spokesman Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf told Reuters.

If anyone sees a new story about the US burying another Somali terrorist, send it our way.  Perhaps even more sensational would be any news of the US State Department helping secure the release of American citizen Somali terrorists captured in the fighting.

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