Joe defiant: “I am not going to be intimidated by the politics and by the Justice Department”

I told you not long ago that the Obama Administration would be coming after Joe—Joe Arpaio, the successful sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona.    The open borders crowd, using Alinsky’s rule 13, have gone after Sheriff Arpaio and thus all of the rest of us who believe that out-of-control immigration is killing America.

From US News and World Report in an article entitled: “Obama’s line in the sand on immigration enforcement.”

Civil rights leaders and immigration reform advocates met in Washington yesterday to applaud the announcement that Joe Arpaio, the publicity-seeking sheriff whose immigration sweeps and harsh treatment of prisoners in Arizona’s Maricopa County have raised eyebrows at both ends of the political spectrum, is now the subject of a Department of Justice investigation.

Arpaio received a letter earlier this week from the office of the U.S. attorney general informing him that his department, which polices a broad area including Phoenix and its suburbs, was being investigated for suspected civil rights violations, including “discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures … [as well as] allegations of national origin discrimination.”

According to civil rights experts, the investigation, one of the few times the government has ever conducted a civil rights investigation into a local police agency’s immigration enforcement practices, could be a sign of things to come, as the Obama administration moves toward more comprehensive immigration reform.

Read it all, and then stand up for Joe!

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