Comment worth noting: “We came here with lot of hope…”

Every few days I’m going to find a reason to post something new on the Bhutanese refugees (others too) placed in crime-ridden neighborhoods by government refugee contractors. 

I’ll keep posting the topic until some mainstream media reporter tells the story!

Last night we heard from Krishna who says the following about the tragic death of Hari in Jacksonville, FL last week, here.

I was totally sad and sorrow with this news.We came here with lot of hope and spend happy life but it is dangerous life in USA.We spend happy life in camp but here, we have to spend our life with sad and sorrow life.We came here to save life but time to give life without reason.
We pray to his family.

Reporters:  This is how it should be done—one family sponsored by one church or other organization.  By the way, I have a hunch that there is something fishy about these large apartment complexes where refugees are all placed together—there is some funny-money business going on that needs to be exposed.

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