Obama sends out the SEIU thugs

Remember Saul Alinsky’s mantra,  The ends justify the means, as you read the news last night from Atlas Shrugs—the Obama Administration has unleashed its thugs (via an e-mail command two days ago) from the likes of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to disrupt town hall meetings on health care and some have turned violent. 

If you are wondering how that topic is at all related to RRW, it is.  We’ve written extensively on ‘community destabilization’ —the basic tenet of community organizing.  I’ve told you that I believe, for instance, that the SEIU is behind training and organizing Somalis who disrupt workplaces.  The SEIU’s drive to bring in ever-increasing numbers of immigrants is to import poor and angry people who will demand more welfare, create chaos and in turn bring about “change,” not to mention join the union and vote Democratic.

The Leftwing-driven Open Borders crowd controls the immigration issue, the volag leaders are in on it and the true humanitarians concerned with the plight of the world’s poor are their dupes.

Back to the health care violence instigated by Leftist agitators:  Obama, SEIU, ACORN, Wade Rathke, George Soros are thrilled by this turn of events.  The more chaos the better!  Next thing you know Obama will send in the troops!

Please read through our ‘community destabilization’ category and the strategy will become clear, or search our site for SEIU, the Tides Foundation, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, and Wade Rathke to start your research.

Further information from Judy:   If you don’t believe me, see this heavily linked (head spinning) article at Frontpage magazine today by Ben Johnson about the extensive Soros- funded network the average American has to contend with at townhall meetings on health care this month.  Mr. Johnson ends with this:

“….as common men and women are proving at Congressional townhall meetings, on radio talk shows, and in diners across the country, those not on George Soros’s payroll are distinctly unhappy with this proposal.”

I think Obama’s march to socialism has met the resistance!

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