VDARE author tells us how open borders crowd blundered in Nashville

Thomas Allen writing at VDARE has published an article this week that humorously demontrates that rather than being a powerful group of smart operatives and savvy Chicago-style community organizers the open borders crowd in Nashville is just a bunch of blunderers.    We were there and we told you about the events as they unfolded in May when the swanky Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel (that hires immigrant labor to keep wages low) cancelled an educational conference about Jihad days before it was to begin. 

But, I don’t want to retell the story, Allen, who spoke at the conference, tells it so much better than I can.

Here are a couple of paragraphs I especially liked.  Negri, the hotel manager, had cancelled the Jihad conference fearing (he said) for the safety of guests and employees, but knew that on Monday he was having a press conference in which he was a principle participant.   Allen hypothesizes about what would make Negri do something so rash as renege on a contract and thus draw attention to the Jihad conference.

But, that brings up a third and, to me, completely plausible explanation for the abrupt cancellation. The Monday after the symposium there was to be a “press conference” held by the local Treason Lobby to kick off the national campaign for “immigration reform”, aka amnesty. The accidently publicized Jihad symposium would have been an embarrassment to Mr. Negri, who was publicly allied with the amnesty campaign.

Or maybe the cognitive dissonance required by having a symposium about Jihadists in America followed by a press conference announcing a strategy to let them all in was just too much.

Read the whole article and laugh.

Incidentally, as I watch the firestorm over health care reform (one of the questions always asked by participants, aka, the Mob, is about illegal aliens getting health care), I realize that efforts to drum up support for amnesty, like this one in Nashville have pretty much fizzled. 

A few minutes later:   I see that Obama says he is pushing immigration reform to the House and Senate floors in early 2010.  I guess he better hope the public fire of August is out because throwing amnesty into the mix right now is akin to throwing gasoline on an inferno.

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