125,000 immigrants given permission to work in the US each month

That’s what NumbersUSA reported this past week here—this while unemployment continues to rise with some states now well over the 10% unemployment rate. 

What is driving this insanity?  It’s the Leftwing intelligentsia pushing the “Have-not” agenda we have discussed ad nauseam most recently here.  And, it’s those big businesses, like the one’s invited to the White House just a few days ago working with power hungry unions and  SUPPOSEDLY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE*  in the Open Borders movement, who know that a large labor supply means wages will continue to be low and their bottomline will continue to be high.  I guess the labor unions want power more than they want their workers to have well-paying jobs.  And, who knows why the hell these supposed humanitarians are into this scheme.  If  there was ever an unholy alliance this is it!

* Check out those religious groups who were at the White House getting marching orders and if you belong to one of them, why not ask what they are up to!

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