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Maybe you heard yesterday that the Feds had busted Medicare fraud schemes in three cities, Detroit, Miami and Brooklyn, totaling about $60 million in taxpayer rip-offs.

But, since the mainstream media seems generally unwilling to name names when one of these busts occur, especially when they are busts of immigrant run home health care operations (you know, something the SEIU is really into), I found this cool site.  Apparently they run a continuous blog-like list of fraud information.   So, I couldn’t find a permanent link for the December 16th entry, but at the moment it’s at the top of the page, here.

On December 15, 2009, the Justice Department announced that thirty people had been charged in three cities for their alleged roles in schemes to submit more than $61 million in false Medicare claims as part of the continuing operation of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force.

Here are some of the names from Miami:

Yudel Cayro

Courtesy Medical Group
Lissbet Diaz
Fred Dweck
Marlenys Fernandez
Alain Fernandez
Arturo Fonseca
Teresita Leal
William Madrigal
Antonio Ochoa
Francisco Portillo
Eduardo Romero
Shelilah Rotta
Silvio Ruiz
Armando Sanchez
Isis Torres

That reminds me, since we were just hearing about Somalis in Lewiston, ME a few hours ago here, most readers probably don’t know that Lewiston had a Somali home health care bust back in the summer here.

And, aren’t you glad that the Obama Administration is cracking down on Medicare fraud even when the alleged perpetrators are immigrants?

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