Comments worth noting: It’s clear that you are anti-immigrant

Yesterday I posted on the ‘rumor’ that a new volag was being created by the US State Department—Kurdish Human Rights Watch.

We received two comments about this that were posted on a differant post (this one).  So that readers don’t overlook them, here they are below:

From reader “Handren:”

It’s clear that you are anti-immigrant, but my question is where did you come from, who are your ancestors? Are you a Native American? Since they are the only natural inhabitants of this land before immigrants came.

Now aside from that, in this country as you are aware, people need organizations such as the Kurdish Human Rights Watch to provide them with assistance to provide the American system.* They need to understand where to go to look for a job, where to go to find safe housing and where does one go to get additional education, where do you go for culturally and linguistically appropriate health services. That is where the wonderful and helpful staff of the Kurdish Human Rights Watch, come in, wherever they may be, in Virginia, California, Michigan, Tennessee, Washington state and I happen to know of their additional offices in Texas and Portland that due to the bad economy had to be closed down.

Many people including non-immigrants or non-refugees recieve services from KHRW, they do it gladly because they are compassionate and caring people. They have housed American families and their children in their housing program, helped companies working in Iraq (free of charge) provided assistance to the military and other government entities in Iraq and in the US.

I can’t say enough about them, I can’t emphasize how important their work is, you may hate immigrants and refugees but organizations like the Kurdish Human Rights Watch saves lives. Enough with the hatred, enough with the immigrant and refugee bashing. Get a life, love someone!

* To teach them how to get all their welfare benefits and become politically active?   And, we the taxpayer should pay for that?

Reader “Angello Costa” said this:

Mustafa Al-Karadaghi was the founder of KHRW. No name was changed. This is a great organization that has provided assistance to all kinds of individuals and families in 7 different states. This is also an organization that cares. Many of their clients are non-Kurds, non-refugees and non-immigrants, but low-income individuals (including African American and Caucasians) who live in Fairfax County, California, Texas, Seattle, Michigan, Portland, Maryland, and Tennessee [See Kurdish gangs in Nashville, here-ed]. They have done so with little funding and bidding on contracts, and winning fair and square contracts to provide these services. Nothing was given to them. They won like any other non-profit who bids on an open announcement.

Angelo, it is still not clear, if no name has been changed who is Dr. Pary Karadaghi?  A relative of Mustafa?

Let me be clear.  I have nothing against a group of Kurdish immigrants organizing themselves.  But, from the standpoint of fiscally conservative government policy my objection is to ANY NON-PROFIT GROUP THAT LIVES OFF TAXPAYERS (OTHER PEOPLE’S) MONEY!   LOL! Judy would say I’m shouting, using all capital letters, yes, I am!


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