A new volag? A Kurdish federal government contractor?

Update March 5th:  Two comments on this post were posted elsewhere at RRW, so I’ve highlighted them as ‘comments worth mentioning’ here.

I’m posting this in our ‘rumors’ category!   There is a story going around that instead of doing away with the volags (supposedly voluntary government refugee contractors) something I advocate, we are now adding a new one! 

The word is that it is Kurdish Human Rights Watch, see their website here.  By the looks of the activities at their website, they are already getting federal funding.  Yup!  Sure enough, a check of their most recent Form 990 (2008) tells us they are primarily funded with your tax dollars already!  Of their funds reported that year, $2,115,881 is from you–the taxpayer– and only $15,555 is from individual donations. 

But, they still were in the ‘red.’  The two principle employees Pary Karadaghi and Jacque Wilson actually pitched in their own money in the form of a loan to “pay bills.”

So, if this outfit becomes a Volag —number 10, they will be given refugees to resettle (presumably any religion and any ethnicity), paid by the head (which has now been doubled by the Obama Administration) and I expect they will have their DC-area headquarters office paid for (by you!) like so many of the other Top Ten (now nine) maybe-ten-again-soon federal contractors. 

If any readers can shed light on this rumor, it would be greatly appreciated!  If this is to be volag number 10, then readers might wish to check out the cities listed at their site where they are already located and presumably now will be resettling more refugees (to compete with existing contractors).

Addendum:    Who are these people?  I was just searching around a little and every time I typed in Kurdish Human Rights Watch at the Virginia Secretary of States Office I came up with no documentation on KHRW, but instead it took me to something called Global Community Partners incorporated in 1991 by Jacque Wilson. 

A little legal problem popped up for Mr. Al-Karadaghi in 1999 when he had a judgement against Kurdish Human Rights Watch for not having workman’s compensation.  But, I notice his name in court documents is Mustafa Al-Karadaghi.  So where does the Dr. Pary Karadaghi name come in–is Pary a son or daughter of Mustafa or are they one and the same?  If so, why change names?

Also note that Dr. Pary Karadaghi is advocating for more Iraqi refugees (what else) to come to the US, here when we know they are not finding employment and some wish to go home to Iraq.   And, they, at KHRW, would surely be happy to resettle them—for a price!

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