Maine columnist senses IT too

I can feel IT building.  Maybe you can’t if you live in a city or in a cocoon-world of far Leftwingers, but you can feel IT in the countryside.

Here are some segments of a column by Tom McLaughlin in Maine.  I don’t know Mr. McLaughlin but he describes IT well.  Tea Partiers will know exactly what he is talking about.

People are worried. More worried than I ever remember.


They don’t know it yet, but their lives are about to get harder.


Anybody who pays attention has seen it coming for a long time. Political leaders though, acted like it would all go on forever and most voters believed them. A growing number depend on government for everything and don’t know any other way, but with illegal immigration and refugee resettlement, we’re supporting tens of millions of foreigners as well. Some think we can support the whole world. Citizens want to seal the border, but government refuses. Republicans refuse because business constituents like the cheap labor and Democrats refuse because illegals will vote for them after amnesty. Ordinary citizens steam as their government sends so many checks to so many people it can’t cover them anymore. Rather than cut back, it has borrowed from foreigners who don’t want to lend any more. So the Federal Reserve is printing money.


Just as animals sense an earthquake, unease is spreading. 


Change is coming. Not the kind for which people thought they were voting in ’08, but big change nonetheless. Hold on tight.

Read it all.

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