Four Senators question non-profit/federal grantees CEO pay

Your tax dollars:

This is a bit of information to ponder.  Four U.S. Senators are wondering why non-profit CEO’s are making so much money while their organizations are struggling.  Sound familiar?  I don’t have time today, I’m going away for a few days, to explore this, but long time readers know of my concern for Volag head honcho high salaries while refugees suffer.

This is from the Washington Post, but I’m posting the HuffPo version because I had a quick glance at the comments and note that some commenters don’t get it—when you take government (taxpayer money) then people like these four Senators (or me!) have every right to question pay scales.   When a group, or a business, uses its own privately gained funds then no one (except its board of directors) has the right to question pay (IMHO).

WASHINGTON — A group of Republican senators is questioning high salaries and expensive travel bills for executives at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, raising issues that could jeopardize millions in federal funding for the national charity.

The four senators said they were concerned that the chief executive of a charity that has been closing local clubs for lack of funding was compensated nearly $1 million in 2008. They also questioned why in the same year officials spent $4.3 million on travel, $1.6 million on conferences, conventions and meetings, and $544,000 in lobbying fees.

I particularly want to point out that many non-profits get taxpayer money and then use it to lobby for more taxpayer money!

The four Senators are:  Grassley, Kyl, Coburn, and Cornyn.

Maybe John Dingell should encourage an audit of the refugee program before he just goes begging for more money, here.

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