Politico: Immigration Reform in Peril

After a meeting on Thursday with Obama, the only Republican interested in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform (aka Amnesty), expressed his pessimism at the chances of anything happening on an issue that will be a final straw for Tea Party activists and groups who want to see the border closed and the present laws followed and who are furious over health care (so-called) reform.

From the Politico:

A pair of White House meetings Thursday designed to chart a path forward for immigration reform instead spotlighted the daunting obstacles ahead — and showed why many Capitol Hill insiders believe it’s quite unlikely an immigration bill will happen this year.

After meeting with President Barack Obama, the leading Republican backing a comprehensive approach warned that a Democratic health care push could scuttle any chance of action on immigration in this Congress.

“I expressed, in no uncertain terms, my belief that immigration reform could come to a halt for the year if health care reconciliation goes forward,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said in a statement issued just after he and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) met with Obama.

So where is Senator McCain of the infamous Kennedy/McCain/Bush amnesty bill of 2007.  Hiding?  He knows his primary challenger in Arizona would make hay out of any effort by McCain at this point to bring up the unpopular plan again!

We will see if anything changes after the March 21st demonstration in Washington where the volags (supposedly voluntary federal contractors) are joining the Marxists and labor unions to march on Washington in support of amnesty for 11 million (give or take a million or two) aliens.

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