Does taking money from Caesar violate the tenets of the Catholic Church?

Or is it only a kind of smorgasbord of tenets that Catholics involved in immigration can pick and choose from?  Today I came across a post at Friends of Refugees about Catholic Charities in Washington, DC requiring employees to agree to adhere to the tenets of the church in order to participate in whatever quasi-charitable* programs they are operating.  By the way, I am assuming it is this Catholic Charities office that received a cool half million of your tax dollars in FY09 and that requires the oath. 

While you are at USA, go here and see all of the Catholic Charities offices your tax dollars are funding!

Taking from Caesar (and you)!

This is the question I’m hung up on lately (see Bishops lying to Catholics here)—where in the teaching of the Catholic Church does it say that Catholics have the right to take money from governments (isn’t it a form of stealing when taking money for political causes or for any charity from unwilling taxpayers!) or from organizations and funding sources that promote policies that are clearly against Catholic teaching.

Back to that March on America this coming Sunday! 

Here we have US Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbyist telling a conference in New Mexico that they are behind the march.  (I’ve already told you that 95% of the USCCB money for refugees comes from you, the federal taxpayer). 

Last night just cruising around I came upon this website where the statement is made that the USCCB is not “sponsoring” the march, just providing Cardinal Mahony to say Mass before the march.   See Mahony to say Mass, here.

The march, whose formal name is “March for America: Change Takes Courage and Faith,” is sponsored by 35 Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim organizations. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and its immigration reform campaign (Justice for Immigrants) are not among the sponsors, though Justice for Immigrants has organized Cardinal Mahony’s Mass and is clearly supportive of the march.  [Ha! Ha! someone probably told them its illegal to take all that federal money then sponsor demonstrations with it!]

The evil troika!

But, even more disgusting perhaps (if that is possible) then taking your money for their political causes, is that they, the USCCB, is working hand in glove with the George Soros/Drummond Pike/Wade Rathke atheists and one-worlders and uber-Leftists at the Tides Foundation.  (Search RRW for the Tides Foundation, I’ve written a lot about it).

Those Catholic sites send unsuspecting Catholics here, to find DC housing and bus transportation to the march.  Scroll down the page until you get to “Partners.”    Do you see the link for Reform Immigration for America, here.  This group is a front group for the Tides Advocacy FundTides launders money from secret sources and sets up phoney-baloney grassroots groups advocating far left (Marxist/socialist) causes.  From Reform Immigration for America’s “about” page:

The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America is a united national effort that brings together individuals and grassroots organizations with the mission to build support for workable comprehensive immigration reform. The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America is, in part, a project of the Tides Advocacy Fund.

It’s a very sad day for the Catholic Church (and for us Catholics).  What a joke!  They demand an oath to support the tenets of the church from some poor schlub who works in a DC Catholic Charities while the Bishops literally steal from taxpayers and work with international socialists to destroy America.

* I’m calling it quasi-charitable because they are taking other people’s money for their charity!  It is called the re-distribution of wealth!  Indeed, Christianity expects us to be charitable, but with our own money given freely!

Update:  I just heard that Glenn Beck said on his radio show today that everyone should look for the code words “social justice” or “economic justice” on their church’s website and if it’s there, they should run like hell from that church!


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