St. Cloud, MN man admits threatening Somalis

We first told you about this case, here.   And, to learn more about the on-going controversy swirling around the Somali issue in St. Cloud start here (or use our search function for ‘St. Cloud’).

From the St. Cloud Times:

A New Hope man who posted an online threat to shoot Somalis at a St. Cloud State University cultural event pleaded guilty Monday to making terroristic threats.


James Scott Miller, 49, admitted posting the threat in response to an advertisement he saw on Craigslist that gave details about a Somali cultural night at St. Cloud State.

Miller has been in custody since his arrest in late March, and he was released from jail after his plea. He will be sentenced at a later date, and a plea agreement caps his sentence at 90 days.

Miller said he saw the advertisement for the Somali event on Craigslist. That ad listed the admission price at $10 per person. Miller admitted that, in response to the post, he wrote: “I’ll bring my rifle. I’ll gladly pay $10 for target practice.”

Miller admitted he posted the threat to “get a rise out of some people.”


Officers spoke to Miller, who told them he made the post because he lives in an apartment building with a large Somali population and that he’s mad at them because “they have no respect for anyone else in this building,” according to the complaint charging Miller.

I’ve heard of this problem in apartment buildings from several places in the US.  The one that comes to mind at the moment is Shelbyville, TN where tenants were forced to move from an apartment building due to the disrespect Somalis showed to other tenants.  One big complaint I recall was that Somali drivers would dent cars in the parking lot and then not report what they did to the owner of the car.   I sure hope this guy isn’t going home to the same building!

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