Burmese happy in Greeley

Here is a nice story that a friend just sent me about a Burmese family that is happy with their new life in Greeley, CO .  I’ll let you read it all here in the Greeley Tribune.

But it made me wonder if they too have been brought there to work the meatpacking plant jobs at Swift and Co. that resulted in that huge controversy we followed back starting  in 2008 (this is an early post).  Longtime readers may remember that Somalis caused a huge turmoil when they insisted on special break times during Ramadan, then walked out on the job.  Other ethnic minorities protested the Somalis.  It was a mess.  We have a whole category with 76 posts on the evolution of the controversy entitled ‘Greeley/Swift/Somali controversy’ for anyone wishing to learn more.

The article doesn’t say where the Burmese work but I’m wondering if Swift is further diversifying its meat packing plant there.   If you recall they fired a lot of the striking Somalis who then moved on to Cargill in Ft. Morgan, CO.  My theory is that the volags (supposed non-profits who have federal contracts to resettle refugees, some are churches!) and the US State Department are in the business of supplying cheap labor to meatpackers and other mega-businesses.

Then I was reminded of the likely honor killing where a Somali from Greeley murdered his sister in Ft. Morgan, here and here.  I wonder whatever happened with that case?

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