Refugees International in search of new head honcho after Dan Glickman quits after 2 months!

Boy I sure would like to know what’s behind all this—the e-mail explanation from the Board at Refugees International sounded like a stretch.   Longtime readers know that Refugees International is a Washington, DC lobbying shop for the refugee industry and when former head honcho, Ken Bacon,*died, retired Congressman Dan Glickman (an insider’s insider) came on with much fanfare.  He was hired in January, started work in April and quit in June?

Below is what the new Board Chair, Eileen Shields-West, said in an e-mail.  By the way, what happened to Kashmiri Separatist, Farooq Kathwari’s** chairmanship.   I see he is still on the Board.  Note emeritus board member George Soros.

As you know, we announced with excitement the hiring of Dan Glickman as President of Refugees International in April. Last night, Dan let us know that he is resigning, effective June 18. Dan remains strongly committed to the plight of refugees and the lifesaving work of Refugees International. However, he has decided that he cannot devote the necessary time and attention to leading this critically important and robust organization while also pursuing multiple lifelong interests he developed during his 35 years in public service, especially food and agriculture.

Effective immediately, RI Board member L. Craig Johnstone will become the Interim President of RI. Craig is a former U.S. Ambassador, former Director for Resources, Plans and Policy in the Department of State, and former Deputy UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

* Political junkies will recall that Ken Bacon was the Pentagon spokesman during the Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal who released Linda Tripp’s personel file to the media causing the media to focus their ire on Tripp (to destroy her) which played an important role in saving Clinton’s bacon.

** Farooq Kathwari is involved with the Kashmiri separatist movement.  His son died a jihadist in Afghanistan.  Here is just one of several posts on Kathwari.

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