VDARE writer reminds us today is the day….

….the last day to  get your comments in to the US State Department on the plan to re-open the P-3 family reunification program!

Paul Nachman writing at VDARE tells readers to “get to your keyboards” today and comment on proposed Federal regulations to restart the program that was found in 2008 to be fraud ridden.  Some DNA testing will be required to determine who is and who isn’t “family,” but the plan as crafted is inadequate.

We told you about the proposed regulations recently here and here.  Please read the comment discussion following the second post, but don’t let the seeming complexity of the regulatory plan deter you from writing to the State Department.  Indeed one point that concerns me and I said so in my comments is that there is still too much confusion about the process and so therefore the re-opening of the program is premature.  Follow instructions for submitting comments at Mr. Nachman’s VDARE post.

For a review of the shocking discovery in 2008 that as many as 80 percent of the family reunification cases, mostly from East Africa, were fraudulent because the supposed “family” members were really not related at all, go here.

One of the points I made in my comments was related to the fact that the State Department determined that as many as 36,000 “family members” entered the US fraudulently between 2003 and 2008.  Those people will not be found and deported. I reported this story here last year.  AP reporter Matthew (where are all the Iraqis) Lee* learned of the 36,000 who will not be found.  Fortunately I recorded the story because I see it is no longer available at AP—interesting huh!  At minimum, those 36,000 should be located and prohibited from filing AORs (Affidavits of Relationship) to bring over their “blood” relatives.  They shouldn’t now be rewarded for their previous lies.

One point I am sure has not escaped discerning readers is that all the DNA testing in the world won’t screen out potential terrorists related by blood to those who lied to get in here in the first place!

Please keep in  mind today as you consider whether to write to the State Department that the Open borders gang is surely writing because they don’t want any DNA testing at all, here.

So write something!  Show the State Department that people care about this important issue of chain migration!

* Matthew Lee is an AP reporter who in 2008 wrote like clockwork at the end of each month (when the stats came in) that boo hoo bad Bush was not admitting enough Iraqis.  I figured he was the go-to reporter for the refugee industry advocates.  Then I have noted, I have never seen him write on the unhappy Iraqis who were resettled here.

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