In Canada refugee criminals to be tracked down with the help of the media; deported

I guess they really are getting serious north of the border!   Below is a story about the Winnipeg Sun helping to track down a criminal refugee by publishing his photo.

By the way, deporting someone to Somalia is a big deal!  We reported on one such case here where a Somali convicted as a gang member in Canada was just dropped off in Mogadishu.  Did you know the US doesn’t deport to Somalia?  We just keep them in prison, like the Minneapolis rapist we reported yesterday, at taxpayer expense.

Or, like Omar Jamal we just let them stay (with no jail time) to become community agitators for the Somali “community.”  For fun I checked to see how many times we discussed Jamal (the Somali Jesse Jackson) over the last 4 years and it’s 60 times (see our Omar Jamal archive here.)!  Jamal had been convicted in Tennessee of immigration fraud after sneaking in here from Canada.  I wonder if we can give him back to Canada?  But I digress….

From the Toronto Sun:

WINNIPEG – Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says refugee criminals on the lam in Canada could soon face the same wrath as suspected war criminals who are being arrested after QMI Agency began publishing their names and pictures this summer.

And the Winnipeg Sun has played a key role in making that happen, says Toews.

He credits the paper for its series of stories last year on refugee criminal Mohamed Said Jama, who was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant and eventually captured after his name and picture were featured in the Sun. [We reported on Jama here in 2010]

Jama — who had a lengthy violent, criminal record and has since been deported to his native Somalia — was caught shortly after his name and photograph was published.

Toews said that opened his eyes to how powerful a tool the media can be in capturing refugee criminals and suspected war criminals on the loose in Canada.

The minister said his department is now looking at expanding that program to help track down convicted foreign criminals like Jama who are hiding out in Canada.

Go for it!

P.S.  I note they don’t mind using the “r” word (refugee)  in conjunction with criminal activity either.

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