Special government-funded employment services for special people

That means for refugees (and employers of refugees) and not you!   (This is another in my recent series of posts in a category I’ve titled ‘legal immigration and jobshere.)

I’ve told you before, here, about the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee (CRIT) whose Director Abdirizak Hassan was charged some years ago with misusing government grant money and subsequently changed the name of his organization from the Somali Community Center to the present innocuous sounding name—Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee (henceforth CRIT). Well, he is still getting federal government grants—no debarment for him!  Debarment is when someone has cheated on a government grant and is then not allowed to apply for another one.

Hassan has also been known to pop back and forth to Somalia from time to time—I thought that was a dangerous country from which he sought asylum in the US?

Here is what CRIT says on its website about their employment services (I have highlighted my favorites, and added some notes!):

Are you an employer who needs good, conscientious workers?

The Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee (CRIT) can help you find good employees without a placement fee! [yippee it’s free! because the feds are picking up the tab!—ed]

We have unrestricted work-authorized refugees with experience in assembly line/production, warehouses, hospitality, quality control, and professional fields.

Why hire a refugee?

* Refugees are permanently work-authorized: You don’t have to worry about tracking them down annually to ensure they are still work-authorized

* You could qualify for tax incentives by hiring refugees: Since many refugees receive public assistance, your company could qualify for tax credits and training incentives when you hire them.   [So, what did I tell you special deals for employers—WHAT TAX CREDIT?—ed]

* Our job placement services are FREE: Rather than spend money placing job advertisements, contact the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee. Let us help you find qualified workers FREE OF CHARGE.  [Your business doesn’t have to spend money because the US taxpayer is picking up the tab for special people—ed]

* Refugees have passed numerous background checks during their resettlement: If employers hire refugees, they will not have to incur the significant cost of performing background checks because extensive background checks were done before they arrived in the U.S.  [Kind of like those Iraqi refugees in neighboring Kentucky charged in a terrorism case, turns out they lied on their background checks—ed]

* Refugees have higher job retention rates than other groups in entry level jobs: According to the National Immigration Forum, Dee Zee Manufacturing’s Human Resources Manager Cindee Moyer said “Before I hired refugees, I had a 60% turnover rate. Now I have a 20% [turnover]. I had a 6% absentee rate, now it’s down to .1%.”

* Refugees receive free support from the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee: CRIT provides post-placement support for our clients to help them retain their jobs. We assist with filling out paperwork, resolving any on the job issues, and accessing social services. We are always here to serve both the refugee employee and the companies they work for. [Again, employers can pay lower wages because worker needs (food, shelter, healthcare) are being subsidized by the taxpayer—ed]

* Refugees are motivated, hard workers: Because refugees lost their homes as well as their careers in their home countries, they want to regain what they have lost and achieve economic stability. [It’s kind of like slave labor because they can’t go home.—ed]

And, last but not least, they don’t say it, but refugees are willing to work on the following holidays because they are Muslims and don’t give a hoot about our holidays!

    * Refugees are flexible about what shift they work and what days they work: Many refugees will work second or third shift or weekends and holidays. Many of our refugee workers can work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.

So again, who is funding CRIT’s “free!” special headhunter service for big business in Tennessee—you are—the US taxpayer!

Here is CRIT’s most recent Form 990.  Out of a gross income of $243,185, $213,105 comes from you via government grants (p. 9).  So, although it is politically incorrect for me to say it so bluntly, you are funding headhunter services for employers who then hire Muslim refugee workers over American workers in Tennessee.  Great huh!

End note:  I wonder if CRIT is working with Tyson Foods to fill their cheap/captive labor needs, here.

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