MN Somalis threaten to pull money from Wells Fargo bank

This is an update on the controversy that is swirling mostly in Minneapolis but does involve Somalis throughout the US.  Because of laws relating to sending money to terrorists (two MN women were recently found guilty), banks are not allowed to work with the money transfer outfits that help Somalis get remittances back to the Horn of Africa.  I told you about it here and here.

From Minnesota Public Radio:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Hundreds of Somalis desperate to send money to loved ones in Africa agreed at a meeting Saturday to set a deadline for two banks to help with their cause, or face the possibility of losing business.

The Somali community sends millions of dollars to the horn of Africa each year through Somali-owned money wiring businesses in Minnesota. [LOL! An example of the redistribution of US social services dollars to Africa?–ed] Typically those businesses need a US bank to facilitate the transactions — but the last American bank to do so stopped three months ago. Bank officials said they couldn’t be sure their systems weren’t being used by terrorists under the new feeral restrictions.

The Somalis met at Abubakar Asiddiq Islamic Center to express their growing frustration with the situation.

“If we don’t hear back from US Bank or Wells Fargo on May 11, we’re hoping for more than 20,000 Somali community members — not just Somali community members but anybody who’s in the support of the Somali families — to go to those banks and pull their money out,” said organizer Hindia Ali. Supporters are being urged to find and open accounts with banks that will allow the transactions.”

By the way, this post about why so many Somalis live in Minneapolis is almost daily a top post here.  And, I see MPR has a story recently about how Somalis want to see city wards changed so as to concentrate the Somalis in one ward, here, in order to gain more political clout.

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