UNHCR opens refugee pow-wow in Geneva tomorrow, plans for America’s refugees

And, they are going to be planning for America to get more Muslims.  Well, they don’t say it exactly that way, but that is the gist of it.

Here is the press briefing from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (on the “consultation”).  I wonder how many American bureaucrats and NGOs on the taxpayer’s dime have headed off on a sweet summer junket to Switzerland today?

UNHCR and its partners are meeting between Monday and Wednesday of next week in Geneva to look at ways to better help the 859,300 refugees globally for whom resettlement is the only possible solution to their plight.

The 18th Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement, chaired by Australia, and bringing together representatives of resettlement countries, Non-Governmental Organizations, service providers, and UNHCR staff, has three main objectives: it will look at enhancing resettlement as a solution for refugees and as mechanism for burden sharing between countries; improving the ways in which resettlement works with a view to reducing the time taken for considering cases for resettlement; and improving reception and integration of resettled refugees.

Globally, there are just 81,000 resettlement places each year offered among some 26 States, meaning that in any year only one-in-10 persons needing resettlement will have an opportunity to be resettled.

You know what is so funny?  The Obama Administration has set its ceiling for the 2012 fiscal year at 76,000 (costing the US taxpayer $1 billion per year!), so that means the other 25 states get to resettle 5,000 among the 25 Nations (wow! 200 refugees each).

It gets even more hilarious!

Over the past five years UNHCR working with resettlement States, NGOs, and other partners has been able to use resettlement to help 330,000 refugees resume their lives. In 2011 UNHCR submitted 92,000 refugees to countries for resettlement, and 61,649 refugees departed with UNHCR’s help to 22 countries.

In 2011, the US resettled 56,424 of the 61,649 that went to 22 countries!  So, therefore, about 92% of the UNHCR’s refugees came to the United States in 2011!

And, using various sources* (not including the 20,000 or so Cuban refugees that are never included in the stats), here are the numbers we (US) have resettled in the last 5 years:

2007:  48,281

2008:  60,192

2009:  74,654

2010:  73,311

2011:  56,424

Total for the last five years:  312,862   (330,ooo resettled worldwide)

Looks like the US resettled 95% of those refugees resettled by the over two dozen countries taking credit for resettling refugees.

Now here are the ethnic groups this gang in Geneva will be talking about sending our way this next year!

Based on current trends, by country of origin, Somalis, Iraqis, Afghans, and Congolese are expected to be the major refugee populations over the coming years with higher resettlement needs.

Looks like we will be getting mostly Muslims (or the refugee victims of Muslims)!

Addendum:  See Geert Wilders speech in Colorado last weekend, here.   While Wilders warns,  No more mosque building and no more Muslim immigration!, the beat goes on in Geneva.

* One good source for numbers for recent years is the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, here.  You can also visit the Office or Refugee Resettlement Annual Reports, here.  But, that reminds me, ORR is still breaking the law and thumbing its nose at Congress as it is 3 years behind in sending reports to Congress either because of bureaucratic ineptitude or they are hiding something—-perhaps statistics on how bad the economy is and how refugees are not working and are thus living on welfare.

You can also use WRAPS to see who (which nationalities) has been resettled in your town.

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