Vlad Tepes blog helping to expose lies about Muslims being killed en masse by Buddhists in Myanmar

Thanks to reader Dana for sending this blog post from Vlad Tepes where we are directed to this story (PakaAlert Press) about how social media is manipulating the news from Burma(Myanmar) on Rohingya Muslims supposedly being slaughtered by Buddhist monks.

The author, and investigator who reveals the photographs used to manipulate the news is himself a Muslim and says he does believe killing is going on.  Yes, it is, but the important point is that the Rohingya helped light the fuse on the most recent violence and I have no doubt they are being helped by outside Islamist agitators brought in to stir up the local population.

For new readers:  We have an entire category on Rohingya, here, with 116 previous posts going back nearly 5 years.  Our interest in the subject is because there was for years an internal debate within the US State Department about whether or not to bring Rohingya here to the US as refugees.  They resisted for years due to fears of Rohingya terrorist elements, but the resettlement has begun and an earlier link at the State Department website which listed Rohingya being connected to a terrorist group—HUJI-B—has been removed.   So far it’s only a trickle but you can be sure that the media drumbeat about Rohingya as victims, and supposedly completely blameless in recent violence, will only get louder.

By the way, there is a horrible case in Utah where a Burmese Muslim refugee (they don’t use the word Rohingya) murdered a little Christian Burmese girl in the apartment complex where they were resettled together by the multiculturalists in the refugee industry in spite of a history of longtime animosity toward each other in their home country.

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