Sweden update: We don’t want to live with “bad spirits”…

….get us out of here!

Just this past Sunday we reported that a mansion in rural Glava, Sweden had been purchased to house African refugees.  Now, according to Tundra Tabloids the new residents are protesting their living conditions.  They say there are “bad spirits” in the historic building.

I suspect their problem largely involves not wanting to live way out in the boonies!

ASYLUM DISTRESS: Those living at Glava asylum castle, Arvika, demonstrated monday against their living conditions. Apparently, they are used to a better standard from their MENA home countries than what this castle environment, surrounded by a beautiful nature, can offer.

It is not totally clear what they concretely are more displeased with, but starting from the hand-witten cardboard pieces displayed by the demonstrators, we can conclude that the issue is that the castle ghost does not like the new guests. On one of the signs it says that they cannot sleep at night, and on another (see image above), we can read as follows: ‘In this hotel is the presence of a bad spirit!!!

Hey, Sweden, good luck with that!

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