New York Times and Iran helping fan the flames in Burma

I’ll wager at this very moment the Islamist sympathizers in the US State Department (and Samantha Power in the White House where she worked her magic on Libya) are working overtime to figure out how to save the poor Rohingya Muslims from those bad racist Buddhists in Burma.

They are probably working on some insane airlift idea just to prove to the Muslim world that Americans are good people!

I simply have no more time this morning to write one more loooong story on Burma and the on-going public relations campaign by so-called human rights activists who are pushing only one theme out of Burma/Myanmar and that is the story that the Rohingya are VICTIMS.   It is maddening to open my Rohingya alerts every day and to have watched over the last five years how this story has been spun and spun and spun.  What a bunch of sheep!

To make my point, I recommend these stories from my alerts today—The New York Times re-posting from the International Herald Tribune, here.  Or, this one from the UK Independent (benighted minority indeed!).  And, for a good laugh, Iran calls it genocide!

You know what has them all fuming and furious?  The fact that the Burmese government, encouraged by Buddhist monks, had the audacity to say NO to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation here which wanted to set up shop in their Buddhist country!

Note to volunteers in the refugee resettlement business, be on the lookout for more Muslims from Burma arriving in your towns (they may not be labelled as Rohingya), but if you have already resettled hundreds of Christians or Buddhists from Burma you will notice the animosity toward the new arrivals—long simmering tension is not going to melt in America!

One more thing!  (gee, now I am getting long after all).  Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese human rights activist refusing the politically correct Muslims-are-victims meme and now being chastised because she hasn’t jumped when the Islamists and their sympathizers say “jump,” had it right recently at Harvard (from that NYT article):

During a forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School last month, according to a story on Global Post, a student from Thailand asked Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi to “explain why you have been so reluctant” to comment about the oppression of the Rohingya.

“The mood in the room suddenly shifted,” the article said. “Suu Kyi’s tone and expression changed. With an edge in her voice, she answered: ‘You must not forget that there have been human rights violations on both sides of the communal divide. It’s not a matter of condemning one community or the other. I condemn all human rights violations.’ ”

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