Columbus, OH: Somalis gone wild!

I joked as I left town last week that you would get a break from news about “refugees gone wild,”  but golly I didn’t think they would be making news and going wild the very next day!

Thanks to lots of readers who sent me the story from Columbus, OH (the city probably second only to Minneapolis, MN for the title of Little Mogadishu, USA) about Somalis by the thousands attempting to get subsidized housing available for 200 and getting so out of control that the police had to use mace to break up the melee.

But, you know what is more surprising as I read comments to articles and blog postings (like these at Gateway Pundit) about the case—Americans ( those who don’t read RRW) haven’t the foggiest idea how we came to have hundreds of thousands of Somalis living in the US.

The mainstream media just can’t bring itself to critically examine the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department, so please tell your friends and family to stop in occasionally at RRW.

And then you must—-

Read Sam Solomon and E. AL Maqdisi’s, little book entitled, “Modern Day Trojan Horse—the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.”   (LOL!  I’m going to nag you every day to read the book I read while internet-deprived over the weekend.)

Here is the Columbus Dispatch.  Note that for most of the story the reader doesn’t know that those being “unruly” were Somalis.  But, here is a news clip of the disturbance’s aftermath that clearly shows who was involved.

Columbus police used pepper spray to control and disperse a larger-than-expected crowd of people who had gathered at a Northeast Side church yesterday to sign up for a subsidized-housing waiting list.

Authorities said the crowd that gathered at Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church, 2283 Sunbury Rd., numbered more than 1,000 and consisted mostly of local Somalis.  [2000 according the the housing office.–ed]

They were there because a nearby apartment complex, the Heritage, was holding an event at the church from 8 a.m. until noon to take names for a list for two-bedroom apartments.

Neighbors of the church started calling police about 6:30 a.m. to complain about loud music, blaring car horns and people parking in private driveways, according to police call logs. Some in the crowd started arguing with neighborhood residents, according to subsequent calls to police.

Eventually, someone from Heritage arrived to set up for the event, and police records indicate that the crowd then rushed the doors. That’s when police officers used chemicals to control the crowd. The event was canceled.

Police said an ambulance was brought in to treat those who had been sprayed. No one was arrested, and it appeared that no one was seriously injured.

Get this!  They would have respected Somali “community” leaders, but not the Columbus police?

Hassan Omar, the leader of the Somali Community Association of Ohio*, said many Somalis already live at Heritage. Columbus is home to the second-largest Somali community in the United States, and housing is a real problem for them, Omar said. Families are large, and many crowd into too-small apartments. Anytime word of a vacancy spreads, people want in, he said.

“Everyone wanted to be in the front of the line.”

Omar said his organization didn’t know about the event, but if he had been there, he could have helped.“If we had been there, the people would have respected us,” he said.

It was foolish of us to never have created a whole separate category for Somalis here at RRW because I bet we’ve written at least 400-500 posts on just Somalis.   New readers might want to search RRW for ‘Somalis Columbus,’ and definitely check out one of  our most read posts about the number of Somalis we have admitted to the US over the last three-decades.

And, don’t forget Somalis in Columbus want government stuff from Obama, here.

* Check out the ‘Ethnic Community-based organization (ECBO)’ Somali Community Association of Ohio‘s list of “services” that they want from taxpayers.  And, are you ready for a really good laugh?  Have a look at the most recent Form 990 for Mr. Omar’s organization.  They had an income stream of $217,000 for 2010 and you (taxpayer!) gave the organization $212,000 in government grants!   What a racket!    We pay them to run an organization and they use the organization to  lobby for more taxpayer-funded goodies!

What a bunch of suckers we are (read Solomon’s book!).

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