NJ Muslim credit card scam called “massive,” largest in US history

This is not a refugee story, but fits nicely along with my other hobby—-immigrant food stamp fraud*.  Yesterday, reader Gary sent me this story and we wondered who the perps might be (other than the two ringleaders named, hint: their names were not Smith or Jones), but you can always count on Debbie Schlussel to get the real skinny!

Read Debbie Schlussel, here, for the whole story and to follow links.  Debbie begins (emphasis mine):

There are several crimes of which–whenever the schemes are foiled by the feds–I can almost always bet that the perpetrators come from a certain religion, culture, and region of the world, whose greatest export is its brazenness in working the system and screwing the infidels. Credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, food stamp/Bridge Card fraud . . . these are the crimes whose perpetrators are overwhelmingly members in a religion that is still just a tiny percentage of our population but dominates these scams and rip-offs. And so it goes with yesterday’s announcement that the feds busted what is either the largest or one of the largest credit card fraud rings ever busted in U.S. history.

Keep reading, here.   Millions of scammed dollars wired around the world!

And then Debbie wraps with this which really made me laugh because I’ve noticed the same thing—99% of these stories never tell you how the scammers got to the US in the first place!

 Notice that there is nothing in the story about the citizenship or immigration status of these fine specimens of Paki-American cultural life.

I also wondered to myself if Gov. Chris Christie, defender of all things Islamic in NJ, had anything to say?

*See my extensive archive on Food Stamp Fraud, here.

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