VDARE writer tells us about CPAC immigration panel

CPAC for those not following Conservatism Inc. is the Conservative Political Action Conference going on in Washington this week.   It’s become a beauty contest of sorts for the Republican ruling class where movers and shakers, like ACU board member Grover Norquist (slayer of loud bullfrogs), try to get the minds right of the youthful “conservative” grassroots.

VDARE writer James Kirkpatrick pens an insightful summary of CPAC’s tepid Immigration Panel (VDARE’s title:  CPAC’s Immigration Panel—Wishful Thinking, Lies, And Attacking The Base) made up of squishes on the issue of amnesty and CITIZENSHIP for illegal aliens.

Moratorium on immigration! Or, what comes after America?

Here is Kirkpatrick’s wrap-up (emphasis mine), but please read the whole thing.  He says that getting cheap labor for businesses was an overriding theme (But, remember we told you only recently that the unemployment rate among LEGAL refugees was already at 50%, here.)  There is no shortage of immigrant labor!

Ideally, Conservatism Inc. wants cheap labor for their masters, positive press for opposing “racism,” and as few Hispanic voters in the electorate as possible. It cannot do all three, but it prefers cognitive dissonance to systematic (and politically incorrect) thought.

Near the beginning of the panel, Dr. Ayres condemned the belief that Hispanics tend to vote Democratic no matter what. He didn’t rebut it (of course) and simply gloated that whites will soon be a minority in the country their ancestors built. To those opposed to amnesty, he challenged: “What’s your plan?”

The plan is simple: an immigration moratorium, attrition through enforcement, abolishing birthright citizenship, attacking multiculturalism and rebuilding the national core.

If this fails, then immigration patriots have to ask what comes after America. As outlandish as that sounds, it bears a closer resemblance to reality than anything discussed during the immigration panel.

The tragedy of the so called “thoughtful” voices on immigration reform is not that they are liberal, or moderate, or “post-national.” It’s that these self-proclaimed sophisticates are guilty of a willful refusal to think seriously, And it shows.

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