Catholic Ireland welcomes Muslims

Update May 14th:  More sharia creep in Ireland, here.

Or, so we are told by the media.  For a quick departure from the news-rich Boston refugee terrorist story, here’s an article making the rounds over the last few days—republished here at CathNews New Zealand:

They even have their own magazine! Cool huh?

Muslim immigrants are finding a much more welcoming atmosphere in traditionally Catholic Ireland than in Europe or America, according to an article in The Atlantic magazine.

Muslims make up just 1.1 per cent of the 4.5 million people in Ireland, but their ranks are swelling due to immigration, births and, in some cases, conversion.

The 2011 census recorded 49,204 Muslims, nearly a quarter of them school-aged children, but the number is projected to reach 125,000 by 2030.

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However, not everything is so peachy as the Irish Refugee Council just yesterday blasted the government for keeping ‘asylum seekers’ in temporary “institutionalized accommodation.”  (Watch the film!).   In the US we let most asylum seekers join their family members already here and they live among us.   Come to think of it, maybe Ireland has a better idea?

THE State could be left apologising for another national scandal if asylum seekers are kept institutionalised, it was claimed.

Retired Supreme Court judge Catherine McGuinness also warned Justice Minister Alan Shatter “could be chased through the courts” if the youngsters of immigrants are not treated as equals in line with the children’s referendum.

Up to 300 people marched through Dublin to his department as part of a national day of action to end Direct Provision, the hostel-style accommodation for asylum seekers.

Ms McGuinesss said the institutionalised accommodation was created as a “panic reaction” to the large number of asylum seekers who arrived in Ireland during the boom and has been allowed to drag on with no outside observation.

So-called “asylum seekers who arrived during the boom” were most likely ECONOMIC MIGRANTS and not true REFUGEES SEEKING PROTECTION.

See our entire archive on Ireland, here, and you will see there have been many problems with the mostly Muslim migrants going to Ireland.  They even took Rohingya Muslims!  Poor Ireland they thought their Catholic/Protestant “troubles” were bad.

Mark Steyn was right—America will be alone.

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